Why Book With a Disney Travel Agent?

Why Book With a Disney Travel Agent?

Disney Travel Agents, also known as Authorized Disney Vacation Planners, take the stress out of planning a vacation to a Disney Destination. Planning a Disney Vacation can be an overwhelming task for even veteran Disney lovers. It can be even worse for a first timer!
Veterans tend to know the basics of planning a Disney Vacation. Things like the lead time on Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) at Walt Disney World, or the secrets of cabana rentals at Castaway Cay. No matter your Disney Destination, a Disney Travel Agent will work with you to remove the worry for first timers and Disney experts alike. If you are overwhelmed while planning, a Disney Travel Agent can help.

Reason #1: Service

Take the collective knowledge of all the Disney bloggers and shove it into a person that can understand your particular wants and needs. That’s what a good Disney Travel Agent provides. They might not be there to walk you down Main Street USA. But their personalized advice ensures that you get the most our of your vacation.

Reason #2: Expertise

Most Disney Travel Agents specializing in Disney vacations got into it because they enjoyed planning their own trip. That’s exactly how Big Castle Travel got started. And because they are passionate about Disney, they generally know Disney’s many locations. Traditional travel agents are great, but most of the time they are only someone to outsource the booking of vacations too. They don’t have always direct knowledge of the locations they are helping you explore.
Disney Travel Agents are in demand due to the dedication and expertise they provide as Disney vacations become increasingly complicated. We know Disney inside and out, and we are constantly tested on it through the College of Disney Knowledge. You can rely on Disney Travel Agents to make those ADRs when the window opens 180 days before your trip to Walt Disney World. We will watch for new discounts to see if they can reduce the cost of your trip. The good travel agents even make sure you know the passport laws during your Adventures by Disney trip!

Reason #3: Consider the Costs

Authorized Disney Vacation Planners get paid commission by Disney. That means you are not paying extra for the service! Some Disney Travel Agents, like Big Castle Travel, also charge optional fees for concierge-level itinerary planning services.
Both levels of service have the same advantages. It comes down to how much time you can spend planning an incredible vacation. The biggest ‘winner’ is arguably you. With a Disney Travel Agent, you have one contact who understands you, responds to your needs, and has a vested interest in planning an amazing trip. By working with a us, you don’t have to call Disney and wait on hold for the same information.
Even if enjoy micromanaging your vacation, it can still make sense to book with a vacation planner so they can track discounts. We can be as hands on or as hands off as you like, but Disney Travel Agents receive the latest information on new Disney discounts as soon as it it released.
Authorized Disney Vacation Planners give you the exact same prices as Disney’s websites. The advantage we provide when it comes to price is the knowledge and constant concern for you, our client. Free Dining at Walt Disney World is a great example. Disney Travel Agents know when that offer window goes live. We can immediately change your reservation to take advantage of it! You can too, but by the time you hear about the promotion, call Disney or log into the site, and request the deal, it could be gone!

What is the Downside?

If you read those three reasons, then can you tell me what the downside is? Feel free to leave a comment on this post and let me know. I try not to be biased, but if I could do it all over again I would definitely use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner for my first trip to Walt Disney World.
You can make an analogy to a car salesman or a real estate agent. Sometimes you need them, sometimes you don’t. But for a trip to a Disney Destination, why not take a chance and see what a Disney Travel Agent can do for you? Click the Get a Quote button below and Big Castle Travel will help you find yourself at Disney!

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