Dining Review – Be Our Guest (Lunch)

Dining Review – Be Our Guest (Lunch)

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Dine like royals in one of 3 palatial rooms in Beast’s Castle! Be Our Guest at Walt Disney World offers an unforgettable lunch of French-inspired fare. This expansive restaurant provides a magnificently immersive experience with some magically unique touches. Bon appétit!

At a Glance

  • Name: Be Our Guest
  • Abbreviation: BOG
  • Opened: November 19, 2012
  • Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom
  • Category: Quick Service (breakfast, lunch), Table Service (dinner)
  • Theme: Beauty and the Beast
  • Dress Code: Theme park attire
  • Kids will like: Chip's Delight


The combination of Advanced Dining Reservation plus Mobile Ordering can make this a quick and painless experience on a busy park day. The theming is simply exquisite, and lunch is a pretty high value for Disney Dining Plan credits.


The kiosk ordering system can be confusing for newcomers, and frustrating for large parties. The ordering line can be long and slow at busy times. The Grand Ballroom can be extremely loud with lots of foot traffic. 


Do you remember the ballroom scene in the 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast, where the camera sweeps through the elegant space with the glittering chandeliers? That’s where you are dining when you eat at Be Our Guest. We aren’t exaggerating either; the main seating area at Be Our Guest is the Baroque-style Grand Ballroom with three enormous chandeliers overhead.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. This tour starts at the entrance to Be Our Guest, at the top end of Fantasyland, past Cinderella Castle and past Enchanted Tales with Belle. You will see the Beast’s Castle perched on a mountain overlooking the village inspired by where Belle lived in the film. Check-in for reservations is at the beginning of a beautiful stone bridge. At busy times the entry line may stretch onto the bridge, but most guests will walk across and immediately inside at their reservation time.

From there lunch visitors will wait in line to order their meal at a kiosk. While the line isn’t necessarily interactive, it does feature immersive elements like suits of armor and tapestries that you would expect in a lavish castle. The kiosk system is fairly intuitive, but can make the ordering process slow as you try to find your desired item and select any changes. You will be provided a Magic Rose as part of this process, which serves as your table and order identifier. If you have a MagicBand then your order will be tied to it instead of a Magic Rose.

Now it’s time to choose your seat! There are three distinct areas at Be Our Guest:

  • The Grand Ballroom – The high, domed ceiling and the enormous chandeliers make this baroque ballroom a gorgeous place to sit. Try to sit toward the back near the faux-windows. You might be surprised how different the weather outside now!
  • The Castle Gallery – The Gallery is Big Castle Travel’s favorite place to sit. This room is off the right side of the Grand Ballroom, and features paintings  inspired by the life of Belle and Beast. The centerpiece is a music box with large figured of the dancing couple.
  • The West Wing – This room is a crowd favorite as it features the enchanted rose and a few more experiences than the other. This room is smaller and dark, so it may not be the best choice for families with young children.

Mobile Order

Mobile ordering is what Disney pros use to maximize their time in the parks. Incredibly, Be Our Guest offers Mobile Ordering in addition to Advanced Dining Reservations. That means you can reserve a table 180-days ahead of your trip with an ADR, and then place your food order in the park BEFORE you get to the restaurant. Mobile Ordering at Be Our Guest allows you to SKIP THE LINE and go straight to your table of choice. Your server will know everything about your order thanks to your MagicBand.

mobile order icon Walt Disney World Disney food

Focus On...

Eat This

  • French Onion Soup
  • French Dip Sandwich
  • Croque Monsieur
  • Cannellini Bean Cassoulet (v)
  • The Master’s Cupcake

Drink This

  • Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen (alc)
  • Mimosa (alc)
  • Charles de Fère Cuvée Jean-Louis Blanc de Blancs Brut (alc)

Special Diets

Almost all options can be made gluten-free here, including the French Onion Soup and Braised Chicken (Coq Au Vin Style). All of the sandwiches can be served with a gluten-free bread too!

The ordering screen and Cast Members both do a great job of noting vegetarian, gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free menu options.

The most unique thing about Be Our Guest is how the food is delivered. As mentioned above, the Magic Rose or your MagicBand is used as your table marker through their various proximity technologies. Instead of grabbing a table number or having a server seat you, your server will know exactly where you are as soon as you sit down! As soon as your food is ready your server will deliver it on a beautiful oak- and gold-accented rolling cart.

Be Our Guest’s lunch menu can be viewed as an upscale city cafe. They specialize in delicious sandwiches and lighter fare with a French flair. The food is flavorful thanks to excellent seasonings that tend to focus on herbs and vegetables. If you are interested in the Grey Stuff (and you should be, it’s delicious!) then be sure to order The Master’s Cupcake.

One thing to note about this review is that Disney recently switched from a popular Braised Pork dish to the Braised Chicken that we highlighted in the Special Diets section. Be sure to check Disney’s menu for Be Our Guest for updated offerings.

Last Words

First up: remember that this dining review is ONLY for lunch service at Be Our Guest. We are emphasizing that because breakfast service is a horrible value without the Disney Dining Plan, and the dinner service is a horrible value with the Disney Dining Plan. Confusing right? That’s why Big Castle Travel is only recommending Be Our Guest for lunch here.

The lunch service at Be Our Guest is spectacular. It fits right in with the experiences guests have come to expect at Walt Disney World and Magic Kingdom. The immersion into the realm of Belle and Beast begins at the bridge. From there you are deep in the magical French land of Beauty and the Beast. Lumiere and Cogsworth might have to drag you out!

YouTube Review

If you want more info, check out this YouTube review of lunch at Be Our Guest from DIS Unplugged.

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