New Plant-Based Vegan Menu Items Coming to Disney Parks

plant based dining at Disney Parks
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New Plant-Based Vegan Menu Items

Beginning October 1st at quick service locations and October 3rd at table service locations, Walt Disney World Resort will debut an all-new vegan menu of plant-based dishes. Disney is committed to bringing innovative and flavorful dishes to the Disney dining experience and has over 400 menu options ready to go! These menu items will be made exclusively from plant-based ingredients like vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, legumes, and seeds. The wonderful Disney chefs have ensured that they are all made without dairy, eggs, animal meat, or honey.

The dishes span from savory to sweet, light fare to comfort food. While some of the 400 menu items will likely be existing menu items that were simply reorganized into the new plant-based list, we are still excited to try new items like:

Disneyland travelers shouldn’t fret, as new plant-based menu items will be making their way into the California parks in spring 2020. As a commitment to vegan diets Disney is introducing plant-based options at all of the parks worldwide as well as the Disney Cruise Line ships.

Vegan Menu Icon

To make plant-based menu options easier to spot, Disney is introducing a new menu icon. If you see this leaf icon next to a dish at a Disney park you can be certain that it is free of animal meat, dairy, eggs, and honey.

Here is a quick video from the Disney Parks channel that takes you through these exciting plant-based vegan menu options.

plant based menu icon Walt Disney World

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