What NOT to Eat At Disney World in 2019

What NOT to Eat At Disney World in 2019

We are going to start this article the same way we start our Top 5 Food articles: Say it with me now, “Disney World has awesome food!”

So why would you ever want to waste your money, time, and taste buds on BAD food? Everything at Disney World can’t be a magical combination of flavors that is easy on the wallet and the stomach. To help you ensure you are getting the best experience possible, we have compiled a list of four things to NOT eat at Disney World for the rest of 2019.

1. Room Service Pizza

I can hear the question now, “But I’m on vacation, why shouldn’t I enjoy some room service when I’m tired from a long day in the parks?”

Because Disney’s Room Service Pizza is:

    • Overpriced
    • Disappointingly Simple
    • Not Fast

Room service pizza costs an incredible 2 dining credits, which is what a delicious meal at California Grill will cost someone. To be fair, this is 2 dining credits per room, and not per person. That charge is still not worth it for the substandard freezer pizza that will still take an hour to get to your room.

Disney World pizza delivery what not to eat

2. Scampi Pasta at Tony's Town Square

Disney’s intro to Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom starts with, “Everyone loves Italian…”

I guess they don’t serve Italian food here, because almost no one likes to eat at Tony’s. The food here is lower quality than a suburban Olive Garden at prices Olive Garden wishes they could charge. The Scampi Pasta seems egregiously bad when the official description reads, “Freshly Made Linguine Pasta tossed with Shrimp, Classic Butter Sauce, Parmesan, and Fresh Vegetables,” and you end up with rubbery noodles, rubbery shrimp, and rubbery vegetables floating in oil because it’s been sitting under a heat lamp all night.

That was harsh, but seriously, don’t eat here. It’s not worth it.

tony's town square restaurant Main Street u.s.a. usa magic kingdom Walt Disney World

3. Grilled Chicken BLT at Restaurantosaurus

“Grilled Chicken Breast and Thick-cut Hickory-smoked Bacon, Tomato, Arugula, Spicy Aïoli, Toasted Parmesan Crumbles on a Brioche Roll and served with French Fries”

That sounds delicious. How could they screw that up?

Through an unfortunate combination of supplier price points and quick service prep standards in an out-of-the-way location at Restaurantosaurus. In peak times you are going to have a hot sandwich that is quickly cobbled together without much attention to quality of ingredients or presentation. In off-peak times you’re probably going to get dry chicken and rubbery bacon that have been sitting under a heat lamp too long.

Restaurantosaurus DinoLand usa u.s.a. animal kingdom Walt Disney World

4. Quick Service Burgers

We thought about mentioning the three cheeseburger options at Restaurantosaurus in the last item on this list. Instead we decided to call out the burgers at ALL of the quick service restaurants in Disney World parks. They are almost always going to be the same burger from the same supplier. We can admit that they aren’t inedible hockey pucks, but there are sooo many better burger options at Disney than these ~$12 backyard barbecue knockoffs.

This video from Disney Food Blog is over a year old now, but all of these burgers still exist. They are all way better than the standard quick service burgers. Get these burgers instead!

cheeseburger Disney World what not to eat

Those are our tips for what not to eat at Disney World for 2019, and probably through 2020 too. Disney probably isn’t going to improve their basic hamburger supplier, and Tony’s isn’t on the refurb schedule yet. But if you need tips on what you SHOULD eat, check out our October Top 5 list and our tips on using your Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits in 2019!

Definitely let us know if anything else at Disney World is not worth eating. We would love to add it to the list!

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