A Saturday Stroll: Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus in Fantasyland

A Saturday Stroll: Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus in Fantasyland

At a Glance:

Attractions: 4
Restaurants: 0
Entertainment: 1
Shops: 2
Kids will love: Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Don’t miss: Meet Daring Disney Pals at Pete’s Silly Side Show


Welcome to Big Castle Travel’s Saturday Stroll series! This weekly series takes you through each land in each park in Walt Disney World. Last week we visited the Enchanted Forest area of Fantasyland. This week we will continue past the forest and into Storybook Circus.

We have organized this in two ways. First, we have organized it into sections similar to how Disney organizes it in the My Disney Experience app: Attractions, Restaurants (Dining), Entertainment, and Shopping. Second, we listed them in order of appearance as if you took a counterclockwise path around the land, starting from the entrance sign to Storybook Circus. The official area of Fantasyland is quite large, so we have broken it up into three subsections:

Let’s get started on our Saturday stroll through the Storybook Circus section of Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland in Walt Disney World!


Attractions at Disney World include both rides and experiences. We have listed the permanent and daily attractions, but be on the lookout for seasonal attractions and special events while you are in Magic Kingdom!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Of all the carousel-style rides at Disney World, Dumbo the Flying Elephant is Big Castle Travel’s favorite. It’s on every trip’s “must-do” list. Themed after the 1941 filmed and based on the original Disneyland ride, the Magic Kingdom version has been updated twice since opening day.

The most recent update in 2012 added a second carousel of flying elephants and the Big Top queue area. The queue’s playground and reservation system is perfect for busy and hot park days.

dumbo the flying elephant storybook circus fantasyland magic kingdom Walt Disney World

The Barnstormer

Do you trust the Great Goofini enough to ride along in his stunt plane around Storybook Circus? If you do, then you will love The Barnstormer, a junior roller coaster perfect for first-time coaster riders.

This quick flight lasts just under a minute. As long as your child is taller than 35″ then they can experience their first thrilling coaster ride! For now, you can also check out the progress of the new TRON roller coaster and ride building from The Barnstormer’s queue.

Walt Disney World Railroad

The railroad station is one of three along the railroad’s route around the park. The Walt Disney Railroad is the embodiment of Walt Disney’s passion for trains.

The railway is currently undergoing refurbishment. Under normal operations trains circle the Magic Kingdom and transport guests between Main Street, U.S.A., Frontierland, and Storybook Circus in Fantasyland. For now, guests can visit and inspect one of the steam-powered locomotives at the Main Street, U.S.A., location.

Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station

On a hot day in Magic Kingdom there are few better places to cool off than the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station. This splash pad in Storybook Circus is themed after the little train that could in the original Dumbo film.

After a short refurbishment in early 2019, the splash pad reopened with a fresh coat of paint. As long as you are ready to get wet then definitely stop by this attraction on a hot day.

Casey jr splash n soak station storybook circus fantasyland magic kingdom Walt Disney World


Say it with me, “Disney World food is more than just pizza and hamburgers.” However, the Storybook Circus area of Magic Kingdom’s original Fantasyland does not have any permanent restaurants. You can generally find some sort of snack stand for popcorn and drinks. Big Top Souvenirs also has some amazing sweet treats if you need a quick and unique snack.


Entertainment at Walt Disney World encompasses most shows, parades, and character interactions. We are listing the entertainment offerings that are available daily in the Storybook Circus section of Fantasyland, but be sure to check a local times guide and ask Cast Members for any special entertainment options while you are in Magic Kingdom.

Meet Daring & Dashing Disney Pals as Circus Stars at Pete's Silly Side Show

While the official name of this entertainment offering changes over time, the character meet and greets at Pete’s Silly Side Show is often the best place to quickly meet a bunch of popular characters.

There are two line queues in the building that take you to four characters. The Daring Disney Pals queue will take you to:

    • The Astounding Donaldo – Donald Duck in his snake charmer outfit
    • The Great Goofini – Goofy’s stunt pilot outfit themed after The Barnstormer

The Dashing Disney Pals queue will take you to:

    • Daisy Fortuna – Daisy Duck in her fortune teller outfit
    • Pluto the Wonder Pup – Pluto in a top hat, showing you his amazing team of trained poodles


One thing to remember about Walt Disney World is that each shopping experience is unique in some way. DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that each shop has the same merchandise and clothing or you might miss out on your new favorite item! 

Here are the permanent shops in the Storybook Circus area of Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.

Casey Jr. RailRoad Mercantile

Casey jr railroad mercantile storybook circus fantasyland magic kingdom Walt Disney World

The Casey Jr. RailRoad Mercantile kiosk is a parent’s best friend, especially if you were not expecting to get wet at the nearby Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station. The kiosk sells items like towels, t-shirts, and even mister fans. 

Big Top Souvenirs

big top souvenirs storybook circus fantasyland magic kingdom Walt Disney World

This deceivingly large shop is directly across from the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction at the beginning of Storybook Circus. Big Top Souvenirs is the perfect place to find a lot of unique plushes, headwear, kids apparel, and pins.

If you are hungry, the center of the shop has a snack counter with a ton of sweet treats! This shop is usually known for its decadent candied apples and rice Krispy treats.

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