Blog Schedule Update

Blog Schedule Update

This is just a quick update about our blog schedule for any curious readers. In the beginning we set a pretty lofty goal of one blog post every day for the first month. We created a content calendar with enough unique topics to write an article per day until mid-February 2020. You may have noticed we blew that schedule in the first week!

Originally, the Sunday blog post was going to be a “Ride History Series” that explored the history and technical aspects of e-ticket attractions. As much as I like to geek out on ride technology, we like to hang out as a family on Saturday nights even more. So that was the first blog post cut in the first week. Since cutting Sundays out I believe we have only missed 2-3 other days across the previous 4 weeks. 

That amount of blogging was fun and educational, but also incredibly time consuming. It rarely worked out to where I could write two blogs in a day, which would allow me to schedule posts in advance. It was always a race against a clock to meet our arbitrary deadline. There was little time to focus on building our social media connections or advertising, and even less time to convert some of the Disney Travel Center static pages to our own content. If you click around our navigation bar, you might find a few error pages with Stitch hanging out on them. That happens when Disney changes their content in certain ways. I would much rather provide our own content for any specific information and avoid the Stitch page as much as possible!

To wrap it up, this post is to announce that we will be moving to a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule for the near future. Tuesdays will continue to be dining reviews, as they are one of our favorite things to write. Saturdays will continue to be the Saturday Stroll, as that helps build static page content long-term. Thursdays will be devoted to weekly travel tips and Disney-related articles. This schedule will also allow us more time to post Disney news as blog posts, like the plant-based food announcement, on any day. At this time we still intend to do our monthly posts, like the FastPass+ Strategies and the Trip Planning Guides, outside of this Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday cycle.

We are excited to get into this new groove with you. Blogging about Disney travel is incredibly fun and educational. Switching to this new schedule should allow us to focus on the business aspects and continue to provide great Disney planning services as Disney Travel Agents. Thanks for being with us so far, and we hope you find yourself at Disney real soon!

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