How Do I Buy a FastPass at Disney World?

How Do I Buy a FastPass at Disney World?


Well that was an easy blog post. Hope you guys enjoyed!

Just kidding! Read on for a few frequently asked questions about the FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World Resort.

What's a FastPass?

Disney World’s FastPass+ system is a ride reservation system that allows guests to reserve access to a ride or attraction in a specific one-hour window on a day they are visiting a park. The rides and attractions that are eligible for FastPass+ reservations have a separate queue for those who reserved a FastPass, and for those who are in stand-by. The reservation guarantees that you can enter the FastPass+ queue for an attraction once within the time slot that you reserved.

Is Disney World's FastPass system FREE?

Yes! If you have tickets to one of Disney World’s theme parks, then you can book a FastPass reservation. You are limited to 3 reservations in a single park in a single day.

Can I get more than 3 FastPasses in a day?

Also Yes! If you booked 3 FastPasses then you can book an extra FastPass as soon as you check in for the third. You can continue booking single FastPass reservations in this manner until the park closes.

Additionally, you may be gifted an extra FastPass+ by benevolent cast members. That is an example of Disney Magic, and should never be an expectation. There are also special VIP tours and extra experiences that come with an extra FastPass+ as a perk. If you are lucky enough to attend one of experiences then it will be very clear if you are entitled to an extra FastPass.

When can I book my FastPasses?

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, or other select hotels around Disney World, you can book your FastPass+ reservations for each day of your trip 60 days prior to your arrival.

If you are not staying “on property” or in a FastPass-eligible hotel, then your booking window starts 30 days prior to your arrival.

Where do I book my FastPasses?

When booking ahead of your park visit, the easiest way to reserve a FastPass+ is online or on the My Disney Experience app

When you are in the parks, the My Disney Experience app is still the easiest way. There are also multiple FastPass+ kiosks spread out in each park that allow you to view and make reservations too.

How do I PLAN my FastPasses?

Now there is the $5000 question (or however much your trip costs). A great FastPass strategy is the lynchpin to some Disney World vacations, while being an afterthought on others. There are literally thousands of articles that tell you their best strategy for FastPass+ reservations. We have even written articles on FastPass+ strategies for specific travel times.

This is where we come in. If you are asking this question, then we would love to help you answer it. There is simply so much to learn about the FastPass+ system. Might as well work with the experts, right? Click the Get a Quote button below to get started!

But even if you aren’t ready to plan your FastPasses, just remember: you do NOT have to buy your FastPass+ reservations at Walt Disney World!

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