Dining Review – Cinderella’s Royal Table (Breakfast)

Dining Review – Cinderella’s Royal Table (Breakfast)

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Did you know you could eat breakfast in Cinderella Castle? Be sure to get your Advance Dining Reservations early to dine like royalty with Disney princesses inside the big castle!

Fairytale Dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table is a great family experience in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. Check out Big Castle Travel’s review of the breakfast service at this signature character dining experience!

At a Glance



Great way to get into the park early. Fun interactions for young princes and princesses alike. Easy way to see 5 princesses at once. The breakfast food is usually tastier than the other services, especially for the cost.


Reservations can be difficult. You may wait a while even if you have a reservation. You will only see the princesses once. The food alone is not worth the cost, and not worth two Disney Dining Plan credits.


We do not always talk about price in absolute numbers in these dining reviews. However, Cinderella’s Royal Table is the first place we have reviewed that requires you to pay before your meal. Officially, breakfast prices range from $45-65 per adult depending on seasonal demand. We paid $65.44 each after tax, but before gratuity, for a September reservation. Keep this in mind as you plan your ADRs and your budget for your next trip.

After you pay the price and get your reservation, you will eventually find yourself in the castle awaiting your table. As mentioned in the Negatives section, there is a chance that you will wait in the lobby for a while after your original reservation time. The dining area is not as large as some of the modern Disney restaurants, and therefore it is harder to guarantee a quicker table turn for visitors before you.

When you finally reach the dining area you will be immersed in an original Fantasyland atmosphere. While Cinderella’s Royal Table officially opened under that name in 1998, the space itself has been open since Magic Kingdom’s opening day in 1971. Much of the furnishings are either original, or look incredibly similar to the original. This includes the numerous coats of arms across the walls and ceilings, the elaborate woodwork, and the unique stone walls.

Part of the Fairytale Dining experience is a short, and often poorly heard, wish making ceremony. All members of your table, but especially the young ones, are given magic wands or swords, and a wishing star. A voice on the speaker system will instruct all guests in the wishing star ceremony. Unfortunately, the crowd is usually too loud to understand the voice, and most people will not know anything is happening until some random pixie dust sparkles appear on the walls.


Dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table allows you to meet 5 total Disney characters. Once your table is ready you will join the queue to meet Cinderella. This is a dedicated PhotoPass spot, and you will almost always receive a Magic Shot featuring Jaq and Gus. From there you will proceed up the spiral staircase (or gilded elevator) to the seating area.

At some point during your meal, and hopefully less than 20 minutes after you have been seated, the rest of the princesses will appear. If the crowd is quiet enough you will hear the introductions to the four other princesses that normally grace this dining experience:

    • Princess Ariel, from The Little Mermaid
    • Princess Jasmine, from Aladdin
    • Princess Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty
    • Snow White, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (yes, she is officially a princess)

Focus On...

Eat This

  • Caramel Apple-stuffed French Toast
  • Shrimp and Grits
  • Beef Tenderloin and Egg

Drink This

  • Mimosa with Paul Cheneau Lady of Spain Cava and Orange Juice

Special Diets

  • Baked Quiche (veg)
  • Royal Avocado Toast (veg)

Allergy-friendly menus available on request.

The prepaid cost of Cinderella’s Royal Table may allow some guests to feel more adventurous than normal. Every table will receive a pastry plate and your choice of non-alcoholic beverage to begin. After that however, adults only have 6 breakfast entrees to choose from. Kids have a few more options, but the choices are standard breakfast fare like a waffle or cold cereal served with “selections” like fruit or sausage.

Do make sure your food doesn’t go cold while you are interacting with the princesses. We enjoyed the Beef Tenderloin and Egg dish, but the frittata was cold by the time we tried it because Snow White and Ariel visited shortly after it arrived. Overall, the food will be acceptable to almost everyone. Just remember that you are paying for the experience here.

Last Words

Much like Chef Mickey’s, dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table should be on everyone’s “must-do” list once. While Cast Members do a solid job catering to young princes, the experience definitely skews toward young princesses and princesses who are young at heart. There are objectively better food options in the same price range.

BUT… Cinderella’s Royal Table is quintessential Disney. As long as you are prepared for the price and the experience, you and your family will have a great time!

YouTube Review

If you want more info, check out this YouTube review of breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table from TheTimTracker.

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