Dining Review – Boma Flavors of Africa (Dinner)

Dining Review – Boma Flavors of Africa (Dinner)

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Adventurous eaters are going to love the African dishes at Boma – Flavors of Africa. The roasted meats, vegetarian specialties, fresh and unique salads, and house-baked pastries are plentiful enough to delight picky eaters too.

The “onstage kitchen” means that you can see the chefs preparing almost all of the food. And since they are all Disney Cast Members, they all love to talk to you about everything they are cooking for this incredible buffet.

At a Glance

  • Name: Boma - Flavors of Africa
  • Abbreviation: Boma
  • Opened: April 16, 2001
  • Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Category: Themed Buffet Dining
  • Theme: African marketplace
  • Dress Code: Theme park attire
  • Kids will like: Zebra domes


Visiting Boma is an excuse to visit the incredible Animal Kingdom Lodge. There are few other places in the United States to sample this level of African cuisine. Lastly: ZEBRA DOMES!


It can be busy during standard dinner hours. The African food can be too exotic for some eaters. Table spacing can be a little tight.


Boma is truly a lively African marketplace in the heart of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. You will find this restaurant by descending the gilded elevators in the AKL lobby, or the staircase by the Victoria Falls water feature. It is also conveniently located next to Jiko – The Cooking Place.

The check-in area of Boma can be busy during dining hours due to the shared space with Jiko, the elevators, and the exit to the Uzima Springs Pool. Tables tend to turn quickly, but it won’t be abnormal to experience up to a 15 minute wait after your scheduled reservation time – even if you checked in 15 minutes early.

Once seated, your waiter will welcome you like any Disney buffet, and explain the drink options and how to proceed through the buffet line. Unlike some buffets, Boma generally starts at the end closest to the windows and ends at the dessert area near the entrance to the restaurant. If you didn’t already know, at least half of the dishes will be African-inspired, if not completely African. Hopefully you are here to try some of the delicious international foods and to not shy away from them!

savannah boma flavors of Africa dining review animal kingdom lodge Walt Disney World

The food (and wine) really is the centerpiece here. The restaurant and the furnishings are nice, but it is not heavily themed like some other Disney restaurants. The only reason that we rank it as 4 stars is because the service is simply standard for Disney. You can always expect your waiter to clear your plates and refill your drinks as your meal progresses, but at the end of the day it is still a buffet experience. Once you are done with your meal (or perhaps before if it’s a long wait) be sure to head outside and view the beautiful animals out on the savannah.

Focus On...

Eat This

  • Watermelon Rind Salad
  • Milligatawny Soup
  • Bobotie
  • Kokonut Rice
  • Bread Pudding
  • Zebra Domes

Drink This

  • Sparkling No-Jito
  • African Rum Runner (alc)
  • Tusker Premium Lager (alc)
  • A long list of South African wines (alc)

Special Diets

Thanks to the African cuisine there are numerous vegetarian and vegan options on the buffet. A meal can be easily be made out of the non-meat sides. Speak to any chef about allergen guides too.

So have your heard about Zebra Domes before? If not, then AJ over at Disney Food Blog describes them as:

An Amarula Cream Liquor mousse is enrobed in panna cotta-esque white chocolate and drizzled with chocolate and chocolate shavings. The whole thing sits atop a thin cake base.

Everyone should try these. We cannot guarantee that everyone will like the Zebra Domes thanks to the unique flavor of the Amarula Cream, but they are still worth trying. The other desserts on the buffet are delicious too. Particularly, the Bread Pudding, the Malva Pudding, and the assorted tarts are always delicious.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the wine. We all know that when Disney chooses a theme and sets a deluxe-level budget, guests are going to be in for an incredibly immersive experience into that theme. Boma’s South African wine selection is a perfect example of that commitment to excellence. Aspiring sommeliers will delight in the extra choices that pair well with Boma’s unique fare.

Last Words

Whether is be breakfast or dinner service, Boma – Flavors of Africa is always on our list of Advance Dining Reservations. Part of it is because we are constantly drooling at the thought of Zebra Domes, and the other part is that we are suckers for delicious international cuisine. 

As long as you do not have a huge party with a bunch of picky eaters, your family will definitely enjoy your experience at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Boma – Flavors of Africa.

YouTube Review

If you want more info, check out this quick YouTube review of  dinner at Boma – Flavors of Africa from The WDW Couple.

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